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Application Criteria

All persons residing in the apartment must be named on the application as occupants and persons aged 18 or older must complete and sign an application as well as be named on the lease. All applications for residency will be processed through First Advantage. Unauthorized occupants are strictly forbidden. At the time of application you must show valid state or federal identification.

In reviewing the application, all or part of the following areas will be taken into consideration.

Credit status will be checked through the appropriate Credit Bureau. The credit history must be free of outstanding debt to previous landlords during the last 5 years and the credit rating is a factor for application approval.

Resident/ Rental History
Applicants must reflect all locations of residency in the last two years. All appropriate phone numbers and addresses, where the information may be VERIFIED, must appear on the occupancy application. Negative resident history, rental housing evictions, skips, and delinquencies negatively affect the status of the application.

Employment and Income
Applicant’s local employment must be verified including salary amount. Monthly rent cannot exceed 35% of the gross monthly income.

Check Writing History
Code received from Credit Bureau must be acceptable.

Criminal History
The criminal records of all household members over the age of 18 will be checked and reviewed for felony, VCAP and serious misdemeanor offenses.

Non U.S. Citizens
Must be able to provide documentation from U.S. Immigration to verify legal entry and residency in the United States for the length of the lease term.

This community is committed to DRUG FREE HOUSING. The lease agreement prohibits criminal activity, including drug related criminal activity on or near the premises.

Please take your time and fill out the application thoroughly to insure timely processing. Processing cannot begin until a completed application is received.

Grounds for Denial

Applicants may be denied if they do not meet the community owner’s screening criteria. Applicants may be denied for any one, or any combination of any, of the following reason:

  1. Unable to provide documentation from U.S Immigration to verify legal entry in the United States and legal residency in the United States for the term of the lease.
  2. History of allowing unauthorized occupant(s) to reside in your apartment home as evidenced by previous landlord’s verification.
  3. Lack of verifiable continual place of residence.
  4. Poor housekeeping as evidenced by previous landlord’s verification.
  5. History of paying rent late or poor rental background as evidenced by previous landlord’s verification and/ or credit report.
  6. Check writing code must be acceptable.
  7. Poor credit history.
  8. Refusal to occupy proper unit size in accordance with the property unit size standard. The following are the maximum persons* allowed to occupy each unit size.
    • One bedroom = Maximum of 2 persons
    • Two bedroom = Maximum of 4 persons
    • Three bedroom = Maximum of 6 persons
    • * All individuals (except any child under the age of 2) count toward occupancy limits
    • * A den is considered a bedroom
  9. History of property damage to apartment/ townhouse/ house or common areas as evidenced by previous landlord’s verification and/ or credit report.
  10. History of lease violations as evidenced by previous landlord’s verifications.
  11. History of violence and interference with management’s duties and responsibilities as evidenced by previous landlord’s verification, government or social agencies’ verifications, police reports, and/ or criminal background check.
  12. Failure to move in to the rent ready unit on the agreed date; this will cause the application to be denied and the unit will be offered to the next qualified applicant on the waiting list.
  13. Monthly rent exceeds 35%
  14. Evictions within the last 84 months are automatically declined.
  15. Criminal background that could affect the wellbeing of the entirety of tenants.
Applicants will not be denied on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap or familial status.

Should you have more than (2) two address you will need to complete a supplement to the application to submit all address within a two year period. Please select the appropriate answer below to digitally create this supplement before proceeding (if applicable).

I have resided at more than (2) addresses within the last two (2) year period.
I have NOT resided at more than (2) addresses within the last two (2) year period.

This is an e-signature form. By typing your full name in the signature box it is the same as signing your signature and is legally binding.